Get a Shampoo that Loves Your Baby as Much as You Do

Excellent as a daily shampoo to maintain a very soft and healthy scalp.

Naturally formulated with: oatmeal, vitamin E, organic shea butter and aloe vera, as well as, several organic flower extracts and pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil.

Hypoallergenic formula - no parabens or other artificial preservatives.

All-natural light fresh scent. No artificial fragrance.

One pump of our "designed for mom" bottle is enough for one baby bath. (A little goes a long way)

Bella B has gently cleaned babies scalps for over 21 years.

User Reviews

See what Mother's like you have to say about Bella B.

"I have been fighting cradle cap for two years on my poor little one. I have tried absolutely everything from topical remedies to dietary changes, nothing worked. The cradle cap was so bad it was in her eyebrows and behind her ears. It didn’t matter how many times I scrub the way it always came back. This actually work didn’t matter how many times I scrub the way it always came back. This actually works! No intense scrubbing or combing away, washing with this actually healed her skin."

Bradley M. Weymouth

"My poor baby looked like a lizard from his forehead up. I'm talking about scales! We tried everything that we were told to do, we brushed every day (which just resulted in flakey scales), the ointment we were told to use just made the scales thicker and yellow. So I bought this hoping ir would do SOMETHING and oh my god did it. I gave him a bath like usual and once his hair was wet I combed it back. Then, I put this on a soft bristled brush and washed his hair in tiny circular motions with the brush. Since he had so many scales I had to rinse almost immediately then I repeated the process, rinse hair, comb back, brush with shampoo. All the scales on the back of his head and side are completely gone. The only spot with anything left is the crown of his head where the flakes were the worst. I'm sure after a couple more shampoos that will clear up to. If I could give this 10 stars I would. And it smells FANTASTIC like the other reviews say!"

Eric J

"My LO's hair and scalp were greasy since birth and had some patches of yellow crust develop around a month. It wasn't extreme but regular shampoo did nothing to help. I used this product with a cradle cap scrub brush and the next day I couldn't believe how soft his scalp was and how non-greasy his hair has been ever since! It's like a miracle shampoo. :) And as others have said, it smells nice too!"

L. Harrel

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